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Please make your donation check to “WODEEF/USA” and send to:

WODEEF/USA, c/o Gloria Dacanay, 14712 Seaforth Ave, Norwalk, CA 90560


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New Goals/Projects Not Yet Funded

  • College assistance for 23 applicants for 2007 for help with tuition, daily transportation, school supplies, and daily lunch for the year = $450 a student for the year
  • Continued funding for high school students for books, supplies, etc. = $10 a student per the year
  • Renovation for a spiritual retreat house on the farm = $500
  • Supply closets and shelving and storage space to be added to the Learning Center on the Farm = $100
  • Create an organic fertilizer processing shed with equipment = approximately $3500
  • Selling Shells – Some women would like to collect shells and sell them. In some cases, the large shells would be sold to tourists. In other cases, shells that contain fish would be sold to the local market for food. Estimated cost to initiate the business: Approximately $100
  • Expanding a Grocery Business – one woman has been very successful in her small store but would like to expand, in order to carry more bags of rice. She is the only store in that area and believes that she could do well with additional space. Estimated cost – about $400
  • Buying and Selling Ready-to-Wear – several women would like to buy and sell clothing, both house to house as well as in the market. They would need money to initiate this program. Estimated initial costs – approximately $250
  • Plus continued funding needed for all programs and The General Fund.