WODEEF works to empower women and children to become self-sustaining members of their communities.

WODEEF guides members to an Earth Friendly worldview through a Learning Center at its farm in Mindanao and by applying ecologically sound principles to all its programs.

The programs of WODEEF:

  • Helps educate students in high school and college who come from communities near Cordoba, Cebu, Philippines.
  • Provides money to initiate micro-lending and savings and loan programs for women in Cebu.
  • Sustains a farm in Davao City, in Mindanao and Learning Center on the farm to teach sustainable agricultural techniques and to provide income for WODEEF through the sale of seeds and crops.


c/o Gloria Dacanay, 14712 Seaforth Ave, Norwalk, CA 90650, donations@wodeef.org


WODEEF/Philippines (Women Development and Earth Foundation, Inc. Philippines) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for women’s transformation and environmental conservation. Founded on the belief in women’s capacity for leadership, and for the positive and creative influence they can exert in their families, communities and the nation, WODEEF seeks to bring down the walls of prejudice and indifference that render women’s contributions invisible and hinder the realization of their full potential. More specifically, WODEEF addresses the issues and concerns of rural poor, disadvantaged women and their families in various areas of the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines.

WODEEF/PH and its funding board WODEEF/USA have demonstrated fiscal responsibility, inclusive decision-making processes, project accountability and a commitment to bringing about a paradigm shift which empowers women. Both WODEEF/PH and WODEEF/USA also address the issues and concerns of the relationship of humanity to the Earth, with special emphasis on the leadership role of women.

Our Logo


The WODEEF logo symbolizes Life. The butterfly and eagle wings stand for energies – the hope and faith that inspire women, as well as the anger and fear over unresolved contradictions – that propel us to action. The staff symbolizes women shepherding / helping women. Nature, locus of fertility, uniquely woman’s, and we claim it to symbolize our inherent capacity as woman to give and protect life in a world that is human, just and caring. The circle reflects our holistic view of reality, our striving to arrive at a synthesis of opposites.

Our logo is BUHAY (the Filipino term for Life): women confident in their capability to bring about personal and social change; women offering sisterhood and support to those who seek resolution to searing contradictions; women networking toward the enrichment of life.

VICTORIA TAN – WODEEF Founder (Read Bio)

Victoria Tan WODEEF Founder

Victoria Tan – WODEEF Founder


Wodeef Board

L-R: Dr. Linda Seger from the WODEEF/USA Board, Sister Mary Luz T. Bantilan (one of the founders of WODEEF), Geneieve B. Paulino, Trinidad T. Rama, Tomasa Q. Alquizola.

WODEEF/PH (Philippines) Board of Trustees:

  • Sister Mary Luz T. Bantilan, RGS – President and Executive Director
  • Tomasa Q. Alquizola – Vice-President
  • Chona B. Babatuan – Secretary
  • Trinidad T. Rama – Treasurer
  • Genevieve B. Paulino, Esq. – Board Member
  • Dioscora O. Cuizon – Board Member
  • Sergia M. Jay – Board Member
  • Kathleen Joan T. Sumalinog – Board Member

WODEEF/USA Board of Trustees:

  • Sister Susan M. Maloney, SNJM, Ph.D. – President 
  • Stella Q. Santiago – Vice-President 
  • Linda Seger, Th.D. – Secretary 
  • Meredith D. Melindo Curry – Board Member
  • Gloria I. Dacanay, M.A. – Board Member 
  • Yolanda P. Tan – Board Member 

Thank You

Special thanks for two former board members, Jeanne Favreau-Sorvillo and Sharon Teruya. They served for years on the WODEEF/USA board and gave of their talent, time, and treasure. Blessings on them and their families.